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Age Verification Modals

Streamline and enhance your user experience, and protect your content from unqualified users using the Age Verification Modals Extension.


Scroll Triggered Popups

Use this extension and market your valuable content as users scroll down your pages – great for increasing revenue and funneling users throughout your site.


AJAX Login Modals

Use this Extension in a variety of ways and streamline and enhance your user experience. Great for protecting content or preventing access without logging in on your site.


Forced Interaction

Disabling the close button can be used in a variety of ways, from protecting content or areas of your site to forcing users to complete an action before continuing.


Secure Idle User Logout

Use this extension to securely log users out once they have entered an idle state. Display a warning and automatically logout if they don’t respond.


Advanced Targeting Conditions

Target specific sets of your users with new conditions such as Mobile Detection, User Roles & Login Checks, Users from Google, custom conditions & more.


Terms & Conditions Popups

Require users to agree to your terms & conditions before viewing pages, clicking buttons & more. Great for forcing agreement prior to clicking add to cart.


Core Extensions Bundle

Save Big & Get access to all core Popup Maker extensions + all future extensions by purchasing our massively discounted extensions bundle.


Remote Content

Managing dozens of popups? Replace them all with a dynamic solution. Convert a list of links into popups in no time. Creating single page apps is a breeze.


Leaving Notices

Keep your website secure and protect your liability with Leaving Notices Popups. Websites such as investment firms, banks and eCommerce are often required to warn users who are leaving the site. Use this extension with Popup Maker and set up a Leaving Notice Popups in minutes.


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