Age Verification Modals

Streamline and enhance your user experience, and protect your content from unqualified users using the Age Verification Modals Extension.

  • Trigger a popup to force users to verify their age or redirect them if they fail
  • Adds Cookie Creation Events: Age Verified, Age Verification Failed, and Age Verification Lockout
  • Customize your form type (Birthdate or Enter/Exit) and appearance
  • Lock down your entire site or subdomain using our ironclad technology
  • Prevent links, buttons, or any element from being clicked until the user’s age is verified
  • Comply with local and regional laws and protect users from inappropriate content

What are Age Verification Modals?

Many websites must abide by certain laws and are required to have their users verify their age before they can view the content because that content has been rated for such requirements by it’s governing bodies. These types of requirements are especially common in the Movie, Entertainment, and Video Game Industries.

In all of these instances, these systems require hours of custom setup and programming.

Our Age Verification Modals Give You Results In Minutes

With our Age Verification Modals Extension, not only can you set this system up in less than 5 minutes out-of-the-box, but you give the user a more streamlined experience because of our unique modal functionality.

Because the user interaction takes place in a modal, there’s zero page loading and page switching.

Plus, while you save time and streamline and enhance your user experience, you can rest assured our Age Verification Modals will protect your content from unqualified users.

How Does It Work?

Using our patented combination of Age Verification Triggers and Age Verification Cookie Creation Events, you can lock down your site and rest assured our technology will do the rest.

Use the Age Verification Trigger to trigger your popup when a new visitor arrives at your site. With the Age Verified Cookie Creation Event, you won’t have to worry about your popups spamming your users once they do verify their age.

If the user is underage, forward them to a site of your choosing. You can give the users as many tries as you like to verify their age, but if you use the Age Verification Failed Trigger with the Age Verification Failed or Age Verification Lockout Cookie Creation Events, once they return to the site, they will be locked out and continuously forwarded until this Cookie Expires.

This is how you can rest assured under-qualified users won’t be able to access your site until you allow them. Read more about how these Triggers and Cookies are used together in the Usage Examples Section below.


  • Allow users to enter their birthday using our Birthdate Age Verification Form
  • Present Enter and Exit Buttons using our Enter/Exit Age Verification Form
  • Use the Exit URL of your choosing
  • Set your own Required Age
  • Set the Lockout Try Count (optional)
  • Choose from four different layouts: Standard, Vertical, Inline, or Stacked
  • Set your Form Alignment
  • Customize Form Labels
  • Includes two additional Triggers for awesome performance: Age Verification and Failed Age Redirect
  • Includes three additional Cookie Creation Events for ultimate control: Age Verified, Age Verification Failed, and Age Verification Lockout
  • Includes our robust Age Verification Form Shortcodes

Age Verification Modals


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Minimum Requirements

WordPress  3.6.0
PM  1.4.0
PHP  5.2.4
Current version: v1.2.4