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Contact Us Popup

Contact Us Popup with Ninja Forms: Creation Guide

Contact Us Popup Synopsis

In this guide, we explore how easy it is to create a robust Contact Us popup using Popup Maker and Ninja Forms. We’re also going to implement a “Thank You” popup once the user has completed the form.

Why Inside of a Popup?

In reality, putting any part of your site inside of a popup has a few powerful advantages to building the most optimized site that will get you the most conversions. The tricky part is doing it gracefully.

First, we should think of space on your website as money. With a high performing website, we want to impress with our outstanding conversion rates.

For this reason, we definitely want a huge Contact Us popup button everywhere on our site, but why waste valuable space on the embedding the form there as well? That just means we have to make the contact button even smaller!

Plus, studies prove: keeping users engaged with specific, meaningful click actions will net us better results.

Speaking of studies, now that we’ve created more room for a bigger contact button, we can replace the words “Submit” or “Contact Us” with something more influential like “15% Off Your Price for a Limited Time!”

Studies have proven: Power Words do exists, and they get results.

Plugins and Extensions

Final Results

Live Example

See this popup in action here!



Contact Us Popup Finished Product

Contact Us Popup Finished Product Completed Form

Contact Us Popup Finished Product Thank You Popup

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  1. A Oxford on November 17, 2016 at 9:41 am

    looks good how does this work on mobile devices and can it be optimised for mobile and or suppressed.

    • Walter Messer III on November 17, 2016 at 9:50 am

      It works great on mobile devices, I included a couple of mobile styles in the CSS from the guide, but you could take a little farther to optimize it even more. The only way to entirely disable popups on mobile devices, at this moment, is with our Advanced Targeting Conditions Extension. However, we’ll be releasing an update that will give users this singular ability for free in light of Google’s new policy on popups starting in 2017.

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