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Popup Maker Docs Report

The Docs Report

In this Docs update, we explore exporting and importing popups, scheduled popups, a new trigger, and our new FAQs Section.

Exporting and Importing Popups to Other Sites

If you ever need to transfer your popups and/or popup themes to another site, you can easily do so using the WordPress Import/Export Tool. Learn More.

Create a Scheduled Popup

We have plans to create a scheduling extension so that you can schedule your popups any way you can imagine. Until that extension hits the marketplace, we have added some code to our docs that will allow you to schedule your popups so that they will only trigger if the current time falls within your designated time frame. Learn how.

A New and Easier Way to Trigger Popups

In Popup Maker version 1.4.14+, you can now trigger your popups using the popup ID as a link. So a simple link like <a href=”#popmake-123”>opens a popup</a>. Learn About about our new favorite method to trigger your popups.

We’ve Got the FAQs!

We’ve added a new section of docs for FAQs. Here you can learn all about Popup Maker, and explore frequent questions, from popup how tos, licensing, and payments, all the way to compatibility, extras, and much more. If there’s something you find that should be added, drop us a line!

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