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New Popup Maker Ninja Forms Features

Introducing the Awesome New Ninja Forms Features

We’ve recognized the importance of having both a versatile popup plugin, and a powerful form builder on your site. However, overcoming the hurdles of using two separate plugins as one unit can sometimes be frustrating.

The Ultimate Popup and Form Building Experience Begins

We’ve added some awesome new Ninja Forms specific features to our plugin to form a high quality user experience if you’re using both of these plugins together.

By combining the capabilities of each plugin, we’ve added three new features that only require the click of a button – no messy code, no extra plugins, no messing with important site files.

Setting Cookies on Form Submit in One Click

In the past, setting cookies for your Auto Open/Time Delay, Scroll Trigger, or Exit Intent popups on form submits has been a huge hassle.

As much of hassle as it was, it was a necessary process so that your popups with forms don’t spam your users once they complete the form.

The problem is because every form builder is different in how they submit their forms, every way to set a cookie within our plugin also has to be different to match what the form building plugin is doing. This is why we have different sets of code, depending on the plugin, to get the job done.

Then there’s a matter of installing the aforementioned code. Installing code isn’t always cut and dry. Plus, there’s varying options to install the code, depending on user preference, user permissions, etc. Aside from all that, users don’t always feel comfortable messing with important site files for fear of breaking something, and rightfully so.

But now, if you’re using Popup Maker and Ninja Forms together, say goodbye to all that nonsense.

Setting a cookie on Ninja Forms submit is now just a few clicks away. Here’s how easy it is:

Closing Popups on Form Submits

If setting cookies on form submits is considered a hassle, then closing a popup on form submits is equally obtuse. This is why we’ve included the ability to set the cookie and close the popup at the same time in the past, all within one code snippet.

Even if you were gettin’ a couple birds with one stone, the provided code snippets typically only worked with a limited selection of popup triggers. If you were using a different trigger, then sorry, you’re going to have to wait on some custom code to get the job done. Nothing says “yay!” more than having to wait on support for some custom code.

However, thanks to the new Actions we’ve added to Ninja Forms, you can now gracefully close your Popup Maker popups on form submits in a matter of seconds – no support required!

You can even set the time delay until the popup closes to make sure your users see your “Success Message”.

Boom, here comes the dynamite:

Opening Popups on Form Submits

We’ve also been keen enough to build an Open Popup Action as well, which allows you to choose exactly which popup to open, as we can see here:

Opening New Doors to Sleek and Intuitive Multi-Stage Forms

The Open Popup Action adds a new layer to how forms and popups behave together. In the past, this type of behavior hasn’t been possible without extensive coding and programming knowledge.

For instance, what if you wanted to display a special “Thank You” popup after the form has been completed? You can now do that, and do it easily.

Get Started Today

We hope you enjoy these new features and the dynamic duo that Popup Maker and Ninja Forms have created. If you want the most powerful forms inside the most versatile popups, then look no further.

To create the ultimate popups, learn about our fully loaded Popup Maker Core Bundle. To get started building powerful forms, dive in with Ninja Forms.

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