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The Docs Report

The Docs Report

In this Doc update, we explore our new Getting Started Documentation.

What is The Docs Report?

We are always hard at work on Popup Maker – delivering the best experience possible for our users is paramount. Documentation on Popup Maker plays a vital role in achieving those goals.

The Docs Report is a once-a-month post that includes a list of added documentation and documentation we plan to implement. The point of doing this is (1) we want to show our users what’s possible with Popup Maker and (2) Find out what people are unable to find in our docs.

This Month’s Added Docs

We’ve been busy with docs. Admittedly, they were a mess – if you found what you were looking for, great, if not…we’re sorry. This situation should be much better, now.

We’ve completely overhauled the Getting Started section of our docs. It now reads seamlessly from plug-in install to adding your own opt-in forms or other media, and is especially written for beginners, by a beginner.

On Deck

We’ve gone into a lot of detail on getting CSS Selectors for your popups, and we’ll continue to dive deeper in this topic in the future. This is a great start, but adding even more ways to use CSS Selectors is what our future holds.

We’re also in the process of updating the rest of the remaining docs, from Extensions to Advanced Docs – this includes adding docs for some of our extensions as well.

Help Us Make Our Docs Better

It’s been a great couple of weeks for the Popup Maker Docs, but we much left to do to get where we want to be!

If there is something you think should be in our docs, give us a shout on Twitter @wppopupmaker.

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