What’s New in Popup Maker 1.13

We are just about finished with developing the next version of Popup Maker and we are excited to tell you about the changes.

Conversion Tracking

If you are using any of the built-in forms or any of the form plugins Popup Maker integrates with, Popup Maker will automatically count the number of conversions from the popup and show the conversion rate.

You will be able to use this to see which of your popups are converting the best!

Using your popups for something other than forms? We will be introducing other features in future updates which will allow you to set other types of conversions to count towards these metrics.

Bypass Adblockers When Tracking Opens and Conversions

We’ve enhanced our bypass adblocker setting to also try to get our analytics script to not be blocked by adblockers. This script is what tracks opens, and now conversions, and can sometimes be blocked by adblockers.

Now, you will be able to have this script be randomized making it less likely that adblockers have blocked it on your site.

Periodical Tips

Popup Maker has quite a few customizations and settings that we try to keep out of the way so the tool isn’t too overwhelming when you first get started. But, there are many times when these settings are a perfect fit for how you are using Popup Maker.

So, we have added a new tip system which will occasionally display a tip for a setting or feature that may make your popups even better. Naturally, you can disable these tips if you’d rather not see them.

And More…

This update also includes many smaller tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes. You can check out the full changelog for more details.

When Is It Coming?

This next version will be released within the next two weeks so you will be able to use this new version on your sites soon!

Want to Test It Now?

If you are interested in testing the beta version out, you can download it from the release page on GitHub.

You can upload the beta version as a normal plugin within any WordPress site. While we have tested this version, please note that it is never recommended to test beta versions on live sites. Please test only on staging or dev sites.

If you do not already have Popup Maker installed on your test site, you can upload the zip as a plugin using the Upload button on the add new plugins page.

If you already have Popup Maker installed, you can:

  1. Deactivate (but not delete) the plugin and then replace the plugin’s files using FTP or a file manager. Once uploaded, re-activate the plugin.
  2. Alternatively, if you are using WordPress 5.5 or newer, you can click to “Add New” plugin, and upload the zip. After uploading the zip, you can click the “Replace current with uploaded” to update the plugin.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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