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How to Maximize Your Email Marketing Results in 2020

Email marketing allows businesses to market their business online effectively. As shown in the image below, email marketing averages at $40 for return-on-interest (ROI). Because of this, many companies continue to perform email length and subject line testing to make emails as effective as possible.

Return on investment per $1 spent which shows email returning $40 while banner ads only returning $2.
Email ROI per $1 spent

Businesses want to increase their ROIs and improve their online marketing as much as possible. You can maximize your email marketing for your business by keeping these essential points in mind and applying them. Doing so will help you to improve your email marketing so that you can get the best results possible.

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Clear CTAs

Businesses have the opportunity to give their subscribers a call-to-action (CTA). CTA refers to the process of asking your subscribers to do something that will benefit your business. This can help your email marketing metrics, and it can increase your subscribers’ interactions with your business.

Giving your subscribers CTAs can help your business in many ways.

  • Increase your metrics that relate to that CTA.
  • Expose your subscribers to your company.
  • Allow subscribers to feel like they helped your company.

You can’t just type out any CTA and expect your customers to follow them. Instead, you should make sure that your CTA follows these three rules to make your CTA clear to your customers.

  1. Give a CTA that doesn’t require payment from the customer.
  2. Keep the CTA simple and easy to follow.
  3. Ask your subscribers to act immediately.

Let’s look at a bad example and a good example of a CTA.

  • Bad: Make sure to check out our website sometime to buy some of our products.
  • Good: Click on this link now to go to our website and get a free $5 coupon code.

The first one requires the subscriber to make a purchase, it doesn’t ask them to act immediately, and it doesn’t let them know where they should go on the website. The second one provides a clear link, invites you to click on it now, and provides you a coupon code without any charge.

You should always provide a clear and simple CTA to give your subscribers a positive experience with your business while avoiding confusion.


You have the opportunity to set up your email campaigns and personalize each email for your subscribers. This means that the email will show each subscriber’s name to make it feel as personal as possible. But does this process actually affect email marketing performance?

Personalized emails have 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click rates
Personalized emails perform better

You will gain more open and click rates as you personalize your emails. This means that more subscribers will open your emails and then click on any of the links that you provide. You can increase the odds of subscribers turning into customers as you increase their interactions with your business.

Personalized emails work because they allow customers to feel like you care about them. If you send an email that begins with “To whom it may concern” or “Hello everyone,” you make customers feel like you don’t care about them. By mentioning their specific name, it adds an extra personal level to the email that makes subscribers feel like you know and recognize them.

Some automated email marketing software gives you the option to send specific emails to people based on their interactions and metrics. You can use these to send even more personalized emails to subscribers. Make sure that you test your personalization software ahead of time to make sure that it works correctly.


Many people underestimate the power of images. Images can help your email campaigns in many ways.

  • Summarize information and show your customers something specific.
  • Assist the visual learners that may struggle with reading long emails.
  • Add more personality and identity to your email campaigns.

Think of it this way: when you sit through a presentation or read a textbook, you also look at the images. This helps you to understand the information and to break up the words. When people see a wall-to-text, they can feel overwhelmed and have a harder time understanding what they read. Images can provide small and convenient breaks to make the words easier to process.

Images can provide meaning that words cannot express. When you show an image to customers, they can figure out their purpose and opinions. This allows them to think it out in their mind and understand what the image shows. Many people get more information out of images because it enables them to figure something out on their own.

Most important content from 2018 Industry Report

Almost one-out-of-three marketers feel that visual images have the largest impact when it comes to content. People like images and use them for a reason, so you should make sure to include them in your emails. Doing so will improve your email marketing campaigns and draw the attention of your subscribers.

Good Subject Lines

Subject lines act as an introduction to your emails. People can see what you want to tell them, and they can get a general idea of the email’s purpose. A weak subject line can turn subscribers away or even cause them to mark your email as spam. Make sure that you create good subject lines that will encourage subscribers to open your emails.

Some businesses may think that the subject line doesn’t matter, but it could harm businesses that don’t use them correctly. For example, 69% of people will mark an email as spam based on the subject line. This means that if you don’t create a compelling subject line, or one that appears unprofessional, then you run the risk of increasing your spam rate.

Apply these points to improve your subject lines.

  • Avoid using lots of emoticons or exclamation points.
  • Make sure to use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Make your business’ name or the purpose of the email clear.

Many people will see excessive emoticons and exclamation points as an unimportant email or someone trying to scam them. If you don’t include proper grammar and spelling, some will view it as unprofessional. When you show your business’ name or the purpose of the email, people will recognize your brand and click on the email.

Feel free to test out different subject lines and see which ones perform the best. Make adjustments and keep improving to create the most effective subject lines for your business.

Measure Your Metrics

Email marketing involves metrics that allow you to collect information about your subscribers and their interactions with your emails. This means that you can find out how many of your customers click on links, view your emails, and similar metrics. But how do you identify which metrics you should measure?

Marketers state the metrics that determine success in their company is click rate, open rate, and conversion rate.
Email marketing poll by Litmus

According to the image above, click rates, open rates, and conversion rates stand as the most important metrics in email marketing. You should also consider using the other metrics, but we will discuss these three to show why so many businesses measure them.

Click rate lets you know the percentage of subscribers that clicked on one of the links in your emails. This metric shows that your subscribers want the information from your emails and to learn about your company. They do so by following your CTAs and clicking on links so that they can see what you have to offer them.

Open rate refers to the percentage of subscribers that clicked on your emails to see what you sent them. This tells you that they trust your emails, they want you to communicate with them, and that they have an interest in your business.

Email deliverability is a metric that indicates the number of emails that reached the recipients’ inboxes. By using email deliverability testing tools, you will get better results for all your email marketing campaigns.

Conversion rate lets you know the percentage of subscribers that turned into customers because of your emails. This means that these people looked at your emails, clicked on the links, and made a purchase because they liked your content or products.

Businesses measure these metrics because they can find out how much interest subscribers have in their business. As these metrics increase, it means that your email campaigns contain good content that appeals to your audience. This, in turn, helps you to increase your ROI.

Next Steps

You can improve your email campaigns while focusing on these key metrics. Doing so will help you to make your emails more appealing to your subscribers while allowing you to measure that success. Always aim to make every part of your business better so that you can appeal to more customers.

Once you feel confident in your email marketing strategy, you can start working on email marketing automation.

Email marketing allows your business to increase its profits, so you should take advantage of that. Make sure that you present well-designed emails while making things as clear and easy to read as possible. Doing these things will help you to make your emails the best that they can be while also providing you more success for your business.

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