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We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

More than 700,000 people and businesses around the world use Popup Maker. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to drive conversions & increase user interaction.

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Hello there,

Thanks for taking time to check out Popup Maker.

Easy Modal was originally developed over 6 years ago out of the need to show a form in a modal when the user clicked a menu item. With 4.5 years of user feedback under our belt we set out to build an entirely new platform like no other.

Our goal was to build the most flexible and powerful popup plugin available. We knew it should handle everything from opt-ins & forms to announcements, login forms & content restriction such as age verification.

Popup Maker was developed with the all of the feedback we received, both positive and negative, in mind.

Within 1 year over 20,000  websites were using Popup Maker. With that explosive start we put the pedal to the metal and over the last 8 months have grown to nearly 60,000 sites.

Since launch we have provided quality & responsive support to both paid and free users alike. This has led to a huge number of positive reviews which outright makes Popup Maker the most popular & highest rated popup plugin available.

So if your site depends on new subscribers, you just want to simplify the user flow of your site, or you are looking for the best all around popup solution for WordPress, then you found it. I highly recommend you try Popup Maker.

The core plugin is and always will be free to install from the official plugin directory. We also sell extensions on our website which extend the functionality of the plugin.

We offer a 30 day refund guarantee and you can contact us if you have a question before purchasing any of our extensions/bundle.


Daniel Iser

Founder, Popup Maker

Folow me on twitter: @daniel_iser