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Create high performance popups with Analytics - get up-to-the-minute statistical information on impressions, conversions, and more.

Popup Analytics
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  • Last Updated 2017-04-27
  • Current Version v1.1.6
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Popup Analytics empowers you by delivering real-time data on your popups’ performance.

Why Is Popup Analytics Important?

Without proper data, you can’t determine whether or how your popups are truly performing. Having real-time, relevant data is vital to understanding how you can maximize their performance.

Popup Analytics delivers statistical data on your popups in the following ways: number of times opened, average time open, conversions, average conversion time, conversion rate and more.

Setting up conversions is now even easier. Track link or button clicks, form submissions or your own custom event triggers.

Out-of-the-Box Compatibility with the following form plugins

gravity ninja Popup Maker is Contact Form 7 Compatible


Currently there are several quick reports available for your popups, as well as our new Analytics Report section for advanced reporting.

Advanced reports currently include:

  • Per URL stats – See how each popup performs accross all the URLs that it is shown on. Get up to the minute opens, conversions and conversion rates for each URL.
  • Daily Popup Stats – A visual graph that shows how your popups perform over time, including opens, conversions and conversion rates.