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Exit intent transforms abandoning users into revenue!

When users attempt to leave your site, Exit Intent opens a popup. This can convert up to 300% more visitors, and have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your website.


The average site loses over 70% of its users and they never return. Every person who leaves your site is lost revenue. What if you had the power to reverse those losses and turn abandoning users into profits?

With exit intent popups you get a chance to take some of them back.

What kind of popups can you create with Exit Intent?

  • Show a popup when someone is about to abandon your WooCommerce checkout page (see our step-by-step guide!)
  • Show a popup when someone is about to leave your site offering a lead magnet if they subscribe to your email list
  • Show a popup if they are about to abandon your pricing page offering the chance to speak with a support representative
  • Show a popup telling them about your free trial when they are about to leave your site

How does it work?

Exit Intent Popups use our Soft Exit Detection technology to open a popup at the exact moment a user is about to leave your site by detecting when their cursor exits the body of your website at the top.

Exit Intent popups by Popup Maker are the absolute best way to get increase leads on your site and get users, who would otherwise never return to your site, on the hook for your services or products.

Want to sign up abandoning users for a newsletter, promo, special offer, or survey, etc, and get them on the hook? No problem! Popup Maker works with nearly any newsletter service form and the most popular WordPress form plugins. 100% seamlessly integrates with Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, and Contact Form 7.

Also, this extension comes with settings to enable Hard Exit Prevention, which means your users, when leaving a page, will be interrupted and prompted with an alert confirming that they want to leave the website with a customizable message. Upon clicking cancel (staying on your site), your Exit Intent Popup will appear.

Cold Hard Facts

A 700% increase sounds huge and it is by all means, but you can expect to convert 2-4% of your users into subscribers, paying customers and/or both. Typically the average site converts less than 0.5% of its users into subscribers, with a targeted exit intent campaign you can see a noticeable difference that will add up over time.


  • Adjustable Sensitivity – We give you the ability to adjust multiple sensitivity settings to fine-tune when your exit popup will trigger.
  • False Positive Detection – Most exit intent popups simply trigger when the user leaves the browser. We take it a step further and detect accidental movement outside the lines. This prevents the false-positive triggering.
  • Custom Cookie Triggers – You can set up cookies to trigger when the popup opens, when it closes or on a manual event using JavaScript.
  • Soft Exit Detection – Detects when users are about to leave and presents them with a unique offer or message to deter them from leaving forever.
  • Hard Exit Prevention – When users refresh, use the back button, or close the tab/browser they will be interrupted and prompted with a customized message. If they choose to stay your popup will be shown.
  • Enable Both Exit Modes – This will enable both soft and hard exit modes, whichever triggers first will disable the other. This way you are sure to get the user’s attention.
  • Hard Exit Alert Only – Same as above except the prompt simply keeps the user on the site, the popup is not shown after the user agrees to stay.
  • Show Users Targeted Offers – Using Popup Makers built-in Targeting Conditions or the Advanced Targeting Conditions extension you can show users a super targeted offer based on any number of conditions, such as the pages content or the search engine they came from.

Exit Intent Popups Also Known As: Exit Popups, Exit Modals

Exit Intent Popups


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Minimum Requirements

WordPress  3.6.0
PM  1.8.0
PHP  5.2.4
Current version: v1.4.0