Remote Content

Remote Content

Managing dozens of popups? Replace them all with a dynamic solution. Convert a list of links into popups in no time. Creating single page apps is a breeze.

The Remote Content extension is a great way to get the most out of your popups. You can show content from your own site, full pages or even just parts of a page, remote websites, or custom dynamic content via AJAX. We give you all the tools you need to manage dynamic & remote popup content easily.

Load Page Content In A Popup

With Remote Content you can set up your pages to load in a popup with minimal effort. Choosing this option, any targeted internal link* will be loaded into the popup. You can load the entire page or just the content or sidebar by entering a CSS Selector.

Example page content uses are:

  • Opening blog post content into popups for every read more link on your site.
  • Creating one page layouts that overlay child page contents into popups.
  • When the user clicks the cart icon in your header menu, the cart content is shown as the popup content. The cart contents would be refreshed each time the user clicked the icon.

Loading Sites into Popup IFrames

With a few clicks targeted internal & external links* will be loaded into an iframe popup, allowing users to interact with the other site without leaving the page.

Example iframe popups would include:

  • Directory sites that want to keep users on the page but allow visiting the listings URL.
  • Loading all external links from your site into popups, keeping users on your site. Great for bbPress forums & BuddyPress user profiles & groups pages.
  • Creating YouTube & other online video galleries that open each in a popup.

AJAX’d Popup with Dynamic Content

The AJAX option allows you to both define a custom function to be called via AJAX, as well as pass extra data to the function from the page using JavaScript & our jQuery API.

Examples of AJAX content include:

  • Load post contents in a custom format from read more & title links.
  • Load page contents into a popup from a main menu item.
  • Add Items to Cart and get item added confirmation in popup.
  • Coupon sites dynamically showing code based on the button clicked.
  • Content based on form field values.


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Extension Details

Version: v1.0.0

Last updated: 08/24/2015

Documentation: View Documentation


Minimum WP Version:  3.6.0

Minimum PHP Version:  5.2.4

Minimum Core Plugin Version:  1.4.0

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