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What are WordPress Video Popups?

Video Popups converts your normal video embeds into a fully functioning and responsive video player.

Combine WordPress Video Popups with the already existing tool set of Popup Maker Triggers, Conditions and Cookies to utilize and implement your most powerful videos like never before!

Video Popups Gives You Results In Minutes

After inserting your video by pasting the url or using the

shortcode in the Popup Editor, styling your Popup Theme, and configuring your Video Popup Settings, you’ll have a fully customizable and responsive video light box – all within minutes.

How Does It Work?

It translates the video player from a normal iframe embed to one using HTML 5 video APIs. Not only that, but because our popups stream videos on demand instead of pre-loading them!


  • Start the video when the popup opens
  • Close the popup when the video ends
  • Resume the video if it was previously paused when the popup is opened
  • Rewind the video to the beginning when the popup is opened
  • Seek to a specific time in the video when the popup is opened
  • When the popup is closed, pause the video for easy resuming
  • When the popup is closed, stop the video and reset to the beginning
  • When the popup is closed, destroy the video player
  • Adds three new Cookie Creation Events: Video Played, Video Paused and Video Ended
  • Stream videos on demand and cut their load times by 85%


Our WordPress Video Popups are compatible with:

  • YouTube Videos
  • Vimeo Videos
  • Any HTML5 Videos


If you want to learn more information on these features and settings, check our our Popup Videos Documentation.

Usage Examples


Depending on the goals and purpose of your video, you might implement your popup differently from the examples below – and that’s okay – that’s the kind of versatility that comes with Popup Maker.

These examples make use of the existing Triggers and Cookies tool set. If you’re new to Triggers and Cookies, check out our  doc on Cookies and our doc on using Triggers and Cookies together.

Triggering a Video Popup on Image Click

The first thing we must do is setup our one column photo gallery and it give it a class of “age-vid-1”, as seen below – this will setup our Trigger. You can choose to enter any class that best suits your needs.

Beaver Builder Wordpress Video Popup Class
Creating our Photo Gallery and WordPress Video Popup Trigger on the front end of our implementation.

Now that we have our Trigger created on the front end, we can create our video popup from the WordPress Admin.

Setting Up the WordPress Video Popup

First, simply copy and paste the video URL into the Popup Content Editor as seen below:

Copy/Paste Vid Url For A Wordpress Video Popup
Copy/pasting your video URL is all you need to do.

Once we’ve added our URL, we can configure the Video Popup Settings themselves to best suit our needs.

Wordpress Video Popup Settings
Choose from many different settings for your Video Popups to best suit your needs.

Complete Documentation

To learn more about the settings, features, details, and descriptions of this extension, check out our Video Popups Documentation.

Vids & Screens


How do I customize the appearance of my Video Popup?

Use our unique Theme Editor to have ultimate control over how your Video Popups look and feel.

Can I prevent an Auto Open Video Popup from opening once the video has been played?

Yes! Our Video Popups Extension comes with three Cookie Creation Events: Video Played, Video Paused and Video Ended. Add one of these via the Cookies Pane to prevent the popup from opening again.

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Minimum Requirements

WordPress  4.1
PM  1.7.29
PHP  5.2.17
Current version: v1.1.4