Popup Maker Features

Here are the features that make Popup Maker the best popup solution for WordPress

At A Glance

If we had to give you the highlights the following would make our list.

  • Unlimited Popups & Themes

  • 100% Customizable Popups

  • WYSIWYG Editor

  • Mobile Responsive Popups

  • Disable for Mobile Devices

  • Visual Theme Builder

  • Precision User Targeting

  • Click Open Popup Triggers

  • Multiple Trigger Types

  • Customizable Animations

  • Control Position & Sizing

  • Accessibility Ready

  • Screen Reader Compatible

  • Tightly Integrated with WP

  • Popup Analytics

  • Premium Extensions

Continue reading for a more in depth list of features, though
we must admit there isn't enough room here to list them all.

Popup Editor & Settings

With control over the size, position & animations for your popup you can create a variety of overlays. Slide Outs, Banner Bars, Floating Stickies, Notifications, Loading Screens, Video Lightboxes, Tooltips, and of course, Opt-In Forms.

  • Popup Sizing

    Choose from a variety of mobile responsive popup sizes or set up custom sizes to match your content.

  • Popup Animations

    Several popup animations to choose from, choose speed, direction & origin to make the perfect popup.

  • Visual Shortcodes

    Our customizable shortcodes are now available via the editor toolbar with visual editor & live previews of your content.

  • Popup Positioning

    With a few simple options you can precisely position your popup anywhere on the screen, even position based on clicked elements.

  • Close Delay

    This setting allows you to hide the close button for a specified time, helpful when you want them to focus on your message.


Trigger your popups when it matters most. With Popup Makers unique trigger system you can add multiple triggers to each popup. Each trigger enables you to show a popup based on various user actions & events.

  • Auto Open

    Open a popup after a specified time delay.

  • Click Open

    Open a popup by click from any html element. Multiple methods allow setup with any element.

  • Exit Intent

    Trigger a popup just as users attempt to leave your site allowing you increase your chances of converting them.

  • Scroll Trigger

    Trigger popups as users scroll down the page. Trigger based on scroll percentage or even when they pass a specific element.


Cookies allow controlling how often users will see your popups. Popup Maker cookie system allows you to set unique cookies during different events.

  • On Popup Open

    Great for announcements when you only want the user to see a popup once. As soon as it opens the cookie is set.

  • On Popup Close

    Setting a cookie when the popup is closed is a great way to ensure your message gets read. It will continue to show until they close it.

  • Form Submission

    Set a cookie when you submit any of our extension forms, or for your favorite form plugins like Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms & Contact Form 7.

  • Manual JavaScript

    This allows you to set up cookies which can be triggered manually via our JavaScript APIs.


Popup Maker has the most accurate targeting for your WordPress websites. We allow using any combination of content, ecommerce info, user history & more. The free version includes all the content based conditions.

  • Content Targeting

    Show a popup on pages, posts or custom post types. Target posts by taxonomies such as posts with a specific category.

  • User Targeting

    Target based on whether users are logged in, have a specific user role or have been on the site for a specified time.

  • Device Targeting

    Target based on device manufacturer, screen size, browser as well as Operating Systems.

  • Ecommerce Targeting

    Target users based on the contents of their cart, license or subscription status, or purchase data.

  • URL & Referrer Targeting

    Targeting only users who came from Facebook or Google, or visited a page with a specific query string in the url.

  • Custom Conditions

    Add your own custom popup targeting conditions using any PHP or JavaScript based functions that returns a boolean value.

Customizable Theming

Popups can be assigned a variety of premade or custom popup themes. Our intuitive visual theme editor lets you customize it while previewing the changes live.

  • Visual Theme Builder

    The visual theme builder allows anyone to customize the look of their popups to match their site. No code needed.

  • Live Previews

    As you customize our live previews mean you don't have to waste time saving & refreshing to see your changes.

  • Advanced Themes

    Our Advanced Theme Builder extension adds background images, color overlays & more to the theme builder.

  • Customize Everything

    There are ample controls to customize every element of your popup. Color pickers & sliders make it simple and intuitive.

  • Google Fonts

    With a huge list of Google Fonts available to choose from you can ensure the popups messaging stands out.

Tight WordPress Integrations

Our experience working with many popular plugins in the WordPress ecosystem has led to some awesome directly integrated features with some of the most popular plugins available.

  • Shortcodes & HTML Forms

    Because we use the built in editor you can add your html forms or shortcodes right into the popup content.

  • Form Plugins

    Works with popular form plugins to set cookies & close or open a popup on submission. Plugins include Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms & more.

  • BuddyPress

    Additional content conditions that allow adding popups to your profile pages and feeds.

  • WooCommerce

    We have included WooCommerce specific content conditions for easy targeting of your checkout & product pages.

  • Easy Digital Downloads

    Coming soon we will have ecommerce conditions specifically for your EDD store such as having specific products in the cart or an expired license.

Developer Friendly & Extendable

Popup Maker was built to be extended & flexed without breaking. There are limitless possibilities to integrate it directly with your website or application.

  • Open Source

    Our core plugin is 100% open source. All of our proprietary code is available for re-use and we welcome you to check it out or contribute.

  • Premium Extensions

    With a full line of premium extensions including AJAX Login & Age Verification, you can quickly get the overlay you need set up.

  • Hooks & Filters

    There are hooks and filters for nearly everything in Popup Maker. Filter which popups load, their styles & more.

  • JS & jQuery API

    We have both a global JavaScript object & jQuery function to allow easily integrating our popups into your application.

Works With Popular Plugins & Your Favorite Email Services!

Popup Maker not only works with many 3rd party plugins & email providers to ensure compatibility, but also offers direct integrations with some of the most popular.

Integrated with Your Favorite Mail Services

plus many more!

Seen enough?