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Set your site up for success. Our full suite of Popup Maker features make it easy to customize your popups and reach your audience.

Triggers built to engage users.

Smart Popup Triggers

Harness the power of perfectly timed triggers to open popups based on specific user actions. This intelligent triggering system ensures that popups appear at the most effective moments, enhancing user engagement and boosting your site’s performance.

  • Time-Delayed Auto Open

    Automatically display popups after a preset time, perfect for timely announcements or promotions.

  • Click-Activated Triggers

    Activate popups through any clickable element on your site, offering a highly interactive experience.

  • Advanced Exit-Intent

    Our refined exit-intent technology captures users’ attention for one more opportunity before they leave, enhancing engagement and conversion chances.

  • Behavioral Triggers

    Activate popups in response to user actions like scrolling or inactivity, offering relevant content at the right moment.

Targeting with precision.

Popup Targeting Rules

Maximize conversions with smart, context-aware targeting. This feature allows you to offer custom-tailored popups to different user groups, ensuring that each user receives content that’s most relevant to them. By aligning popup content with user context, you boost engagement and conversion potential, making each interaction more meaningful and effective.

  • Context-Specific Content Targeting

    Deliver popups based on specific content types like posts, tags, archives, or even 404 pages.

  • Device & User Targeting

    Implement device-based rules to customize the user experience across different platforms, combined with targeting based on user login status, role, and metadata.

  • E-Commerce Focused Targeting

    Integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce & EDD, offering popups based on cart contents, purchase history, and user-specific e-commerce data for enhanced conversion opportunities.

  • Advanced Referral & Custom Rules

    Leverage URL & referrer targeting to create customized user journeys, and utilize the power of custom rules for unparalleled flexibility in audience engagement.

Elevate Your Design.

Flexible Popup Designs

Enhance your site’s appeal with flexible design tools. Craft stunning, responsive popups that maintain brand consistency and captivate your audience.

  • Comprehensive Theme Editor

    Tailor every popup element, including close buttons, containers, overlays, titles, and content. Features a live preview for real-time customization.

  • Google Fonts Integration

    Enhance typography with an extensive range of Google Fonts, easily integrated use in popup themes.

  • WordPress Block Editor Compatibility

    Seamlessly works with WordPress Block Editor, ensuring smooth design processes within the familiar WordPress environment.

  • Page Builder Compatibility

    Fully compatible with Elementor, Beaver Builder, and other popular page builders, providing versatility in design approaches.

WordPress Harmony

Integrations with Leading Plugins

Enjoy seamless integration with WordPress. The harmony between our plugin, WordPress and popular plugins & themes ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience, enhancing your site’s functionality without complexity.

  • Shortcode Compatibility

    Insert content from other plugins or custom elements using shortcodes, offering unparalleled flexibility and creative freedom in popup design.

  • Form Plugin Integration

    Our finely tuned integrations with popular form plugins like Gravity Forms, WP Forms, and Ninja Forms makes setup painless.

  • E-commerce Ready

    With dedicated WooCommerce and EDD integration, tailor popups for product promotions and cart abandonment, driving sales and improving customer experience.

  • Extended Plugin Connectivity

    WP Fusion and other plugin integrations expand Popup Maker’s functionality, offering seamless interaction across various platforms and tools.

Smarter cookies for happier users

Popups That Don't Annoy

Implement smarter cookie settings for an optimized user experience. Control popup frequency and timing, balancing user engagement with non-intrusiveness.

  • One-Time Display Control

    Manage the visibility of your popups to show just once for announcements or special offers, ensuring a non-intrusive user experience.

  • Engagement-Based Triggering

    Set cookies when popups close to emphasize important messages, effectively capturing user attention until they interact.

  • Enhanced Re-engagement Timing

    Tailor cookie settings for different interactions: extend period popup is disabled for after form submissions compared to simple closures. This optimizes user re-engagement, balancing visibility with a respectful user experience.

  • Custom JavaScript Integration

    Leverage manual JavaScript for advanced cookie control, offering flexibility in tailoring user experiences based on diverse interactions.

Extend and Customize

Hooks, Filters & JS Events Oh My

Leverage advanced customization and extension options. This feature empowers you to innovate beyond standard solutions, creating unique, tailored user experiences.

  • Open Source Flexibility

    Unleash your creativity with Popup Maker’s open-source flexibility. Customize and extend the plugin to meet your unique needs while contributing to a thriving community of developers.

  • Advanced Integration Options

    Interact with popups already on your page using our powerful jQuery & JS API. Control popup behavior, manage cookies effortlessly & more, providing a dynamic user experience.

  • Rich Extension Ecosystem

    Enhance Popup Maker’s capabilities with our diverse range of premium extensions. From AJAX Login to Age Verification, find the perfect overlay solution to meet your unique needs.

  • Comprehensive Hooks & Filters

    Take control with hooks and filters that cover every aspect of popups. Customize loading conditions, styles, and behaviors precisely to suit your unique requirements.

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