Optimized Popup Targeting & Segmentation

Popup Maker offers a variety of ways to optimize your popup targeting strategies. Our rule engine is unmatched, offering a great deal of flexibility for WordPress popup segmentation.

Popup Targeting

Complete Popup Targeting Solution

    • Boolean rule engine.

    • AND/OR condition groups.

    • Negative rules.

    • Optimized rule processing.

    • Cache friendly.

    • Easy to add custom rules.

Popup Targeting Rule Types

    • Content Rules – Target popups to specific posts, pages or CPT content on your WP site.

    • User Rules – These rules help target popups to only logged in users or those with a specific role.

    • Ecommerce Rules – Show popups to uses who bought a product or don’t have a subscription.

    • Browser Rules – Test browser type, version, screen size or even current cookies for popups.

    • Device Rules – Target one popup to mobile users and another to desktops with device rules.

    • URL Rules – Show popups based on the current url, query args or hash.

    • Referrer Rules – Detect users from facebook and show a popup. (or any other referrer).

    • Custom Rules – Easily add your own rules with minimal code.

Integration with other plugins

    • 3rd Party Integrations – Custom rules add full support for plugins like WP Fusion and LifterLMS.

More features to make your site pop

  • Popup Triggers

    From clickable elements to exit intent, our versatile triggers offer a seamless way to increase sign-ups, sales, and overall site interaction. Tailored for agencies, small businesses, and small bloggers alike, these features ensure your site captures every opportunity to connect with your audience.

  • Popup Targeting

    Maximize engagement and conversions with advanced popup targeting features. Optimize your popup strategies for better results.

  • Popup Tracking