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How to Use Email Marketing Benchmark Data to Improve Email Performance

With billions of users and an ROI that is unparalleled, email is one of the most effective…

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The back end of WordPress as shown on a laptop

A Beginner’s Guide to Popup Maker’s ‘Popup Editor’

The Popup Editor is where you’ll spend most of your time within Popup Maker. As such, it’s…

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Contact Us Popup

Contact Us Popup with Ninja Forms: Creation Guide

Contact Us Popup Synopsis In this guide, we explore how easy it is to create a robust…

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Loading Screen with Popup Maker

Loading Screen Guide Using Popup Maker

Loading screens can play an important role on your site, and that’s why we’ve created this all…

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Slide Out Menu with Popup Maker

Slide Out Menu Creation Guide with Popup Maker

Slide out menus can be a great way to expand functionality on your site so we’ve created…

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6 Essentials to Unleash High Conversion Popups

6 Essentials to Unleash High Conversion Popups

Here are six essentials that will make you a popup hero, giving you the power to turbo-charge your…

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Run a Hassle Free Popup Campaign

Popup Hero: Running Hassle Free Campaigns

Naturally, running an effective popup campaign is paramount, but making sure we’re running efficiently and worry-free is…

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Banner Style Popups

Banner Style Popup for Opt-Ins Creation Guide

Banner style opt-ins are a great way to increase gains on your site so we decided to…

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