Core Features

So Simple Anyone Can Use It!

Popup Maker is so simple that anybody who can use WordPress can create & style elegant popups to match any site. With the full suite of tools provided, you can quickly make popups that are both effective & user friendly…

Visual Theme Builder

Create elegant popups with no coding required. With a visual preview as you work, styling popups is so easy anybody can do it. Drop shadows, Google fonts precision positioning & much more…

Homepage Feature Themes
Enhanced User Targeting

Enhanced User Targeting!

Target users with popups specific to your content. Show a popup on one page, all pages or even on specific pages. Our unique boolean based approach allows precision targeting so you can be sure your popup shows only where needed. Great for marketing specialized offers to a subset of your traffic…

Ultimate Customizability!

Over 100 options and limitless combinations make this plugin the best out of the box popup solution. With tons of filters, hooks & custom JS events it provides developers the ultimate flexibility to create amazing popups…

Ultimate Customizability

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With a Full Line of Popup Maker Extensions

With a growing number of extensions, easily power up your site & its popups. Our extensions provide everything from new trigger types to great utility popups that will make any WordPress site shine.

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It was exactly what I was looking for and it does exactly what I need! I had a popup up and running on a client website in short order. I'm also impressed with the range of settings available and GREATLY appreciate NOT having to upgrade to a paid version to get what was promised in the first place! Nicely done.

Love it!

Thanks for an awesome plugin! I was able to set up three sites with it in under an hour. Nice and classy and easy to use. Great work, keep it up!

Best Popup Plugin

This plugin is a polished, well thought out, and highly useful plugin.

The standalone free version is highly useful, and the author has a lot of excellent and affordable extensions that can rocket your use of popups into a new dimension.

Support is excellent too!

Excellent Plugin - Even Better Support

I'm not a super technical guy. I got the popup maker, the analytics and the exit intent (worth it's weight in gold). When I ran into a few shortcomings (my lack of knowledge) I reached out to these guys and they were unbelievable! If you are looking for a well thought out solution that will increase your business - don't even hesitate.

I use WordPress all the time. This is my first review. That's how impressed I am with these guys!

Great Plugin -- Thank You!

I tried several popup plugins, hard to figure out how to use them, couldn't make them work - at all. This one is great, works perfectly and its very easy to use. Thank you!

Is this for real? This much for free?

I just wanted a simple pop-up for my blog to get subscribers. Searching around on the 'net, everything cost a lot of money. I found this wonderful tool, it's free, it works beautifully. I'm very happy.

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