How Paper Box SEO Keeps Visitors Engaged

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What Type of Marketing Do You Do?

Paper Box is an agency dedicated exclusively to search engine optimization (SEO). We firmly believe that our clients can grow their businesses exponentially by improving their visibility on search engines. That said, we tailor our digital solutions around strategies that will improve website user experience, provide a larger online footprint, and highlight client expertise.

Some services include SEO audits, consulting, local SEO, technical SEO, and content writing.

What Makes Your Company Unique?

We’re small, and intentionally so to provide exceptional service. While we maintain a consistent client roster, we only take on projects we’re passionate about and believe we can be effective for. This helps from all sides because our team has the freedom to really hone in on our clients’ needs, exploring and experimenting with new tactics to yield better results.

Larger agencies simply don’t have the luxury of getting to know their clients this well, or have the time to continually refine strategies along the way.

What Is Your Approach/Philosophy in Your Work?

Our clients are #1, all the time. We do one thing and we do it well to provide consistently positive results. And because we’re dedicated to client satisfaction, we give each project our all and refuse to lock anyone into a contract in the (rare) event that it’s just not working out.

How Has Popup Maker Benefited Your Company?

We spend substantial time improving client websites for SEO and creating positive user experiences. So, one of our priorities is to keep each visitor on a website, exploring and learning along the way. Exit-intent popups have been instrumental for both our own website and our clients, reducing bounce rates and keeping users engaged.

We’ve enjoyed deploying product discount codes in our messaging, and Popup Maker makes it so easy to customize and implement.

Did You Try Other Tools Before Using Popup Maker?

We explored using Unbounce prior to landing on Popup Maker. While we enjoyed the interface and customization options, Unbounce is primarily geared toward landing pages, and we needed a more focused solution for popups. Even with premium plan options, the number of popups per month was pretty limited, and it just didn’t make sense to pay hundreds of dollars a month, mostly for a landing page builder we weren’t using. 

Like us, Popup Maker does one thing and does it well. We found that we had access to more and better features than with other popup providers. 

Which Features of Popup Maker Stood Out to You?

The better question is what didn’t stand out to us—which is nothing. Popup Maker has just about any option we (or anyone else) could possibly need, from WYSIWYG editors to a wide selection of triggers. What’s nice about that is that as we continue to explore new uses for popups for our clients, the tools are already in place for us to readily adopt.

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