Popups can help you grow your email list, get more sales, and reduce cart abandonment.

They can be a game-changer. Whether you want to get more subscribers, highlight special offers, or enhance upselling, selecting the right popup plugin can significantly impact your success.

However, with hundreds of popup plugins available, finding the right one can be daunting. Many are pricey, lack crucial features, or can slow down your site.

In this article, I’ve curated a list of the top WordPress popup plugins for 2024. These plugins are crafted to grab attention, engage visitors, and elevate conversions, all while ensuring a smooth user experience.

Best WordPress Popup Plugins

Popup Maker

Popup Maker Wordpress Plugin

Popup Maker stands out as one of the most powerful lead generation tools for WordPress, trusted by over 700,000 sites worldwide. With a stellar 4.9/5 rating on WordPress.org, it’s not just popular; it’s proven. Designed to bolster your email list, cut down on cart abandonment, and boost sales through strategic upselling, Popup Maker is a powerhouse in digital marketing.

What sets it apart? Its ease of use, for starters. Tailored for beginners, it offers a variety of templates—over a dozen, to be exact. These aren’t just any templates; they’re gateways to creating high-converting campaigns that resonate with your audience.

The customization doesn’t end there. Popup Maker provides advanced targeting options to ensure your campaigns reach the right eyes at the right time. Whether it’s an upsell offer specific to a product in the cart, a tailored message on select pages, or a last-second offer as they’re about to leave, this plugin ensures your message hits home.

If you’re looking to enhance your upselling game, Popup Maker is a gold mine. Imagine suggesting a complete camping bundle via a popup to a customer who’s just added a tent to their cart. It’s this level of strategic marketing that can transform browsing into buying.

Growing an email list? Popup Maker excels here too. Whether it’s through content upgrades or enticing discount offers for new subscribers, this tool knows how to turn passive readers into engaged subscribers.


  • Targeting Mastery: Craft campaigns based on user behavior, from cart contents to previous purchases.
  • Conversion-Focused Design: Choose from themes designed to turn visits into conversions.
  • Geotargeting: Engage users based on their location for more personalized interactions.
  • Exit-Intent Technology: Capture attention and reduce cart abandonment at the crucial moment.
  • Deep Analytics: Dive into campaign performance and tweak for better results.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Time your popups perfectly, aligning with sales or special events.
  • Seamless Integrations: Works hand-in-hand with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, offering targeted campaigns based on shopping behavior.
  • Unlimited Growth: No cap on page views, ensuring scalability.
  • Advanced Customization: Utilize conditional logic for highly personalized campaigns.
  • Referral Targeting: Adjust your strategy based on where users are coming from.


  • Single Site Limit: The basic plan covers only one site, which may limit some users.
  • Complexity for Newbies: The wealth of advanced features might be daunting, but ample documentation is there to guide you.


Starting at an affordable $99/year for a single site, Popup Maker’s pricing is designed to deliver value without constraining your site’s potential traffic. With unlimited popups and no page view limits, it’s a solid investment for small businesses aiming to grow.


Bloom Popup Builder By Elegant Themes

Bloom, nestled within the Elegant Themes membership, presents itself as a straightforward option for those already navigating the Elegant Themes ecosystem. Offering six popup styles including Slide-In, In-Line, and Widget options, Bloom caters to a variety of basic needs. With over a hundred themes at your disposal, customization is within reach, albeit with a simpler touch.

The plugin features several triggers for popup displays, such as time delays, user actions like leaving a comment or making a purchase, and integration with popular email marketing platforms including Sendinblue and MailPoet. Its standout feature is the ease of conducting split tests, enabling you to experiment with different popup variations to pinpoint the most effective.

However, it’s important to recognize Bloom’s limitations. Its capabilities, while sufficient for some, lean towards the basic side, particularly when compared to more robust offerings like Popup Maker. The absence of Exit-Intent technology—a feature allowing popups to activate as a visitor intends to leave your site—marks a significant missed opportunity for capturing last-minute engagements.

Furthermore, the plugin’s lack of advanced targeting options means less personalization for your audience, a crucial element for maximizing conversion rates.


  • Offers six popup styles, catering to basic design preferences.
  • Integration with key email marketing services for streamlined campaigns.
  • Trigger options based on user activity provide a level of engagement interaction.
  • A generous selection of over 100 templates for quick setup.
  • The visual builder is user-friendly, making popup creation accessible to beginners.


  • No Exit-Intent popup feature, a notable omission for capturing potential exits.
  • The functionalities, while adequate, do not extend into more advanced or nuanced needs.
  • Advanced targeting options are not available, limiting personalized engagement.
  • Bloom is not available for individual purchase but tied to an Elegant Themes membership.


Bloom is accessible at an annual fee of $89, exclusively as part of the Elegant Themes membership. This bundling approach might not suit those seeking just a popup plugin, highlighting its position as a basic, not standalone, solution within a broader suite of tools.

Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups Wordpress Plugin

Ninja Popups brings a legacy of over a decade to the table, positioning itself as a stalwart among popup builders. It distinguishes itself with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, simplifying the design process for newcomers. With more than 70 themes to choose from, it offers a decent array of visual options.

However, when placed side by side with comprehensive solutions like Popup Maker, Ninja Popups’ offerings start to show their limitations. The plugin primarily focuses on basic popup types, which, while sufficient for many, might not meet the diverse needs of growing businesses.

The feature set, though extensive, caters largely to those new to popup marketing, making it an ideal choice for small businesses or beginners. Yet, its targeting capabilities fall short when compared to the more advanced options available on the market.


  • Straightforward and easy to navigate for beginners.
  • An affordable entry point into popup marketing.
  • A broad selection of templates for quick customization.
  • Basic targeting options that cover fundamental needs.


  • Limited customer support duration with the initial purchase.
  • Features, though numerous, lean towards the simpler end.
  • Lacks the depth in targeting and customization seen in other premium plugins.


Ninja Popups starts at an accessible $24, albeit with a support window of just six months. Extending support for an additional year requires a further investment of $16. Those seeking enhanced functionality must consider purchasing add-ons, increasing the total cost of ownership.

Popup Domination

Popup Domination Popup Builder

Popup Domination is a user-friendly platform designed to effortlessly convert visitors into subscribers. With a selection of over a dozen mobile-responsive templates, it aligns well with modern web browsing habits.

The service includes Exit-Intent technology, a critical feature for capturing the attention of users on the brink of departure. It also provides basic A/B testing and analytics capabilities, essential tools for refining and honing your popup strategies.

Integration with leading email marketing platforms like Aweber, MailChimp, and Constant Contact ensures Popup Domination plays well with your existing toolkit. Unlike traditional plugins, Popup Domination operates as a SaaS tool, leveraging an external server for its operations, which can be integrated into your WordPress site via a simple plugin.


  • Highly intuitive interface, making popup creation accessible to all skill levels.
  • A variety of polished themes that cater to a broad range of design preferences.
  • Flexible triggering options, including time-based, click-based, and page-visit triggers.
  • Features Exit-Intent popups to engage users as they are about to leave, enhancing potential conversion rates.


  • View limitations on popups may impact larger sites or high-traffic campaigns.
  • Lacks the depth in targeting options seen with other more advanced solutions.
  • The cost barrier might be significant for those on a tight budget, especially considering the view cap.


Starting at $54 annually, Popup Domination positions itself as a premium choice, capping views at 10,000 for its base plan. The top-tier plan peaks at 100,000 views for $174 per year, marking it as an investment geared towards sites with moderate traffic volumes.


Sumo Popup Builder

Sumo stands out as a versatile suite designed to amplify your website’s functionality, focusing on e-commerce growth. Its range of popup types, including Welcome Mats, Scroll Boxes, Exit-Intent, and Smart Bars, addresses various engagement strategies.

The platform offers a straightforward visual builder, complemented by a wide array of design options, to tailor your popups precisely to your needs.

Positioned as more than a mere popup creator, Sumo encompasses a full-fledged Email Marketing toolkit. This integration allows for direct communication with your subscriber base, from within the same ecosystem.


  • A broad toolset that extends beyond popup creation, aimed at enhancing sales and list growth.
  • Features a complete email marketing solution, enabling direct subscriber engagement.
  • Advanced targeting options cater to a nuanced audience segmentation.
  • Incorporates A/B testing capabilities, facilitating continuous improvement in conversion strategies.
  • Offers a diverse selection of templates, ensuring aesthetic alignment with your brand.


  • Operates as a SaaS tool rather than a traditional WordPress plugin, requiring a separate installation process.
  • The comprehensive nature of the toolset might be overwhelming for users seeking a focused solution.
  • A starting price of $39 per month may not align with the budget constraints of those primarily interested in popup functionality.


With a starting price of $39 monthly, Sumo’s cost-effectiveness hinges on leveraging its full suite of features. The free version, lacking advanced features like A/B testing, requires you to upgrade if your business makes over $500 via the plugin.

For users specifically in search of a popup builder, the annual investment of $468 positions Sumo as a premium, feature-rich platform, potentially exceeding the needs of those seeking simplicity.


Optinmonster Popup Builder

OptinMonster stands tall as a seasoned player in the popup builder arena. It’s renowned for its versatility, offering a comprehensive toolkit for crafting diverse popup campaigns. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can either tailor a pre-designed template or start from zero.

The plugin shines with its array of targeting options. You can hone in on your audience based on their activity, location, and more. This level of precision ensures your messages reach the right people at the right time.


  • A rich selection of templates, offering creative freedom.
  • Exit-Intent technology, a key feature for reducing cart abandonment.
  • A/B testing, allowing for data-driven refinements to your popups.
  • Advanced targeting capabilities, for more personalized engagements.
  • Seamless integration with leading email marketing platforms.


  • Lacks a free version, limiting initial trial opportunities.
  • The Basic plan starts at $9 monthly, with a visitor cap of 2,500. This may not suffice for growing websites.
  • For full feature access, the cost jumps to $49 monthly.


OptinMonster’s pricing reflects its robust feature set, starting at $9 per month. However, accessing the complete suite of tools will set you back $49 a month. For those prioritizing depth and flexibility in their popup strategies, this investment might be justified. Yet, for others, the visitor limit and pricing structure could prompt a search for more cost-effective alternatives.


Looking at the wide array of WordPress popup plugins, Popup Maker easily takes the lead. It’s simple enough for beginners yet packed with powerful features for the pros. Whether your mission is to grow your email list or cut down cart abandonment, this plugin has got you covered. And the cherry on top? A free plan that’s actually useful, setting Popup Maker apart in a sea of alternatives.