Conversion Optimization

What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion Optimization, also known as Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO, it is the art & science of continually testing & making improvements to your conversion funnels with the intent of converting more visitors  into customers.

Why bother with Conversion Rate Optimization?

Every site that is built to generate leads or revenue can benefit from even small increases in conversion rates. Each little improvement compounds over time to make lasting & proven gains. This process means you generate more revenue without adding additional acquisition costs.

Articles about Conversion Optimization

Young woman using laptop at vintage cafe

Fast and Easy Way To Secure Stable Lead Growth With Popup Maker [ReVerb’s Story]

If you’re focused on lead generation, read how ReVerb used popups from Popup Maker to generate leads (and keep doing successfully). 

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A cheerful surprised woman sitting with laptop

The Psychological Significance of Popup Windows You Need to Know

This article breaks down the psychology behind successful popup windows. We’ll cover how to make popups helpful and why you need to start using them today.

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A woman pressing her finger on a tablet while shopping online on her bed

Top 10 Customer Engagement Tools For You to Create Personalized Experiences in 2022

If you haven’t yet, we think you should invest in customer experience in 2022! We’ve covered our top 10 customer engagement tools for you.

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7 Ways to Get People Excited About Your Customer Loyalty Program on Your WordPress Site

Want to get more loyal customers? Check out these effective tips to promote your customer loyalty program for WordPress websites. Examples are included.

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A closeup of an open laptop with a Black Friday Sale sign next to it

Black Friday for Ecommerce: 12 Ideas and Tips to Boost Your Holiday Sales in 2021

You need to fully prepare your site for overloads and demanding customers. Check out our recommendations on online conversions for the holidays and beyond.

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Website under construction illustration

How to Create a Beautiful and Highly Converting Website With WordPress.Com and Popup Maker

Learn how to create a high-converting, professionally designed website with the Business plan and Popup Maker.

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Notebook, pen, and mobile phone on a table

Create Irresistible Content by Combining Design and Copy for Breakthrough Results

If you’re after impressive website conversions, you need to combine design and copy. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind when combining visuals and words.

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Olivetti Lettera 35, typewriter machine - featured image for How to Hit it Big with Stunning Copy and Watch Your Conversions Take Off: 10 Essential Steps

How to Hit it Big with Stunning Copy and Watch Your Conversions Take Off: 10 Essential Steps

Creating such awesome content takes some effort, though. In this article, we’re gonna walk you through 10 essential steps to optimize written content for conversions.

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A woman using a mobile phone while sitting cross legged

5 Aha Moment Ways That Can Help Boost Your Mobile Conversions

Americans spent 8% more time on their mobile than watching live TV. Ranking in mobile conversions should be a breeze, right? Discover five of the most effective tactics.

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Photo of a human hand about to touch a neon exit sign

Afraid Of Losing Visitors on Your Website? Here Are the 8 Secrets To Writing Amazing Exit Popups

An exit popup is a way to alert visitors when they are about to leave something unfinished. The top 10% of popups have a 28% conversion rate. Here’s how to write exit popups.

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