Winning customers’ trust and offering one-of-its-kind customer experiences have become a top priority for businesses of all types and sizes. Today, more and more businesses are focusing on the customer experience and striving hard to build a loyal customer base.

A study by the experience management firm, Walker suggests that 86% of buyers are willing to pay for an outstanding customer experience. If you haven’t yet, we think you should invest in customer experience to increase customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue in 2022!

Engaging with your existing customers and winning new customers is easier said than done. For brands, it has become essential to find innovative ways to engage with their customers and continuously offer excellent customer support to foster strong business relationships. 

Customer engagement can create an emotional connection between your brand and your customers. Customers who love your brand, are your brand advocates who tell others about your products or services, shop more often, and help you make more profits.

In a study by Salesforce, 66% of customers expect companies to understand what they need, Shockingly, the same study reports that only 34% of companies do understand. So, marketers need to focus on customer engagement and give something meaning that they can share with friends and family.

Today’s customers are tech-savvy and want personalization. They expect companies to deliver personalized, dynamic, and relevant experiences and connect them in real-time. All in all, customer engagement is all about delivering an amazing, connected experience. To make your job easier, here we’ve listed our top 10 customer engagement tools that you can use to improve user engagement and deliver a customized experience.

Here is our top 10 list of tools.

  1.  Churn Zero
  2.  Rejoiner
  3.  Live Chat
  4.  Delighted
  5. Socialbakers
  6.  Drip
  7. Mixpanel
  8. Twilio
  9. Appcues
  10. SurveyMonkey

1. Churn Zero

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Churn Zero is a customer engagement tool, specially tailored for SaaS (software as a service) companies to reduce the customer churn rate. The tool gives you customer insights to drive more strategic customer engagements and conversations. 

The ChurnZero customer onboarding platform allows you to offer a memorable onboarding experience to attract more and more customers. The tool allows you to understand your customer’s behavior and make changes in your products to get them hooked.

If you are running a subscription business, then Churn Zero would be a great choice. The tool will help you understand your customers, provide valuable customer insights, and create personalized experiences through timely and relevant touchpoints.

2. Rejoiner

Rejoiner Overview Page
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Reducing shopping cart abandonment rate is an important goal of eCommerce owners. Thanks toRejoiner, it’s easier to significantly reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate by focusing on email marketing. Rejoiner is an eCommerce email marketing software that can help you boost the conversion rate and achieve your revenue goals.

With Rejoiner, you can gather customers’ purchase history, browsing pattern, email engagement, customer demographics, and other important data to create targeted email campaigns. Its built-in triggers allow marketers to send important updates such as birthday cards, win-back, post-purchase offers, special discounts to reduce the cart abandonment rate. 

Rejoiner allows you to build dynamic customer segments so that you can send targeted emails to your customers. With Rejoiner, you can run A/B tests on individual email templates to ensure which version will generate maximum engagement.

3. Live Chat

In this digital age, customers want instant replies to their questions. According to recent statistics, 38% of customers prefer brands to make purchases if they offer live chat support. 51% of customers are more likely to make repeat purchases if the brand offers live chat support. Live chat can have a significant impact on your brand image and deliver a positive visitor experience.

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LiveChat is a customer service platform that captures more leads and makes it easier for customers to buy again. You can delight your customers and fuel your sales by showing off your products in the form of elegant cards and making more sales while chatting. Its AI chatbot automation allows you to qualify leads and track sales.  

4. Delighted

Delighted Survey Search Video
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Customer feedback helps companies make important tweaks in their product development, marketing, and sales strategy. Delighted is a customer feedback tool, allowing marketers to gather actionable feedback from their valued customers.

It has a unique Net Promoter System that can quickly collect feedback from your customers. It allows you to send surveys to your customers through email, SMS, or direct link. Delighted also allows marketers to send a survey directly on your website. One of the best reasons to choose this customer feedback tool is that feedback appears instantly in your dashboard in real-time.  

5. Socialbakers

Today, for businesses, it has become important to deliver a personalized and dynamic visitor experience on social channels. Did you know 71% of customers who have a positive service experience on social media prefer the particular brand for more purchases and refer that brand to their friends and family?

Socialbakers Analytics Page
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Socialbakers is a social media engagement tool that uses intelligent AI algorithms and automation features to manage your social media efficiently. It helps your brand grow by understanding your audience, creating content they actually love, and improving the overall visitor experience.

From conversion tracking to creating an engaging content strategy, offering outstanding customer care, management and reporting, listening and intelligence, influencer marketing, sentiment analysis, and social media marketing management, Socialbakers allows you to provide the best possible visitor experience across social media channels.

6. Drip

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Drip is one of the best tools for eCommerce brands, helping them to earn more profits with intelligent marketing. From customer acquisition to loyalty and retention, Drip provides online store owners with amazing options to build strong relationships with prospective and existing customers. 

Drip is an eCommerce revenue engine that can create multi-channel marketing campaigns for your eCommerce brand. You can run automated campaigns across different multiple channels such as email, SMS, social, and on-site pop-ups through a single platform. 

The tool allows you to build strong customer relationships and generate more revenue for your online store by running personalized email marketing campaigns. Drip allows you to choose email templates from its pre-built playbook that includes different templates, including welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, post-purchase campaigns, and much more. 

The powerful segmentation feature helps you create personalized content and product recommendations based on your browsing history. Drip can seamlessly integrate with multiple eCommerce stores like WordPress, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify.

7. Mixpanel

Mixpanel Metric Dashboard
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Every website owner wants to know how many people are visiting the website and where they are coming from. Thanks to Mixpanel, a valuable tracking tool that is packed with unique features including:

  • visitor identification
  • funnel reporting
  • retention analysis
  • post-signup analysis

One of the biggest advantages of using Mixpanel is that it allows you to identify visitors by their name and email. You can see exactly what type of activities they performed on your website or mobile app. You can track pageviews, geographic location, browser, language, operating system, people interactions, and conversions.

Funnel reporting is the main feature of the Mixpanel that offers powerful analysis. You can build and edit the funnel based on your preferences. Mixpanel can analyze and collect data retroactively. With the help of retention analysis, you can identify your engaged customers and optimize your campaigns to build a loyal customer base.

The people-centered tracking allows marketers to identify the target audience and the post-signup analysis helps you track human interactions such as downloads, form submissions, and app use. Mixpanel is easy to use, builds funnels, and better understands which people convert best so that you can engage them.

8. Twilio

Many marketers overlook the importance of push notifications and don’t integrate push notifications into their marketing strategy. Push notifications, if used right and sent on time, can help you improve customer experience and increase conversion rate.

Twillio Dashboard Page
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Twilio is a multichannel notifications tool that helps you reach customers via SMS and web push notifications. With Twilio, you can send SMS notifications all over the globe through local phone numbers, codes, or sender IDs. It also allows you to send push notifications to iOS, Android devices, and web browsers using a single API.

You can send push notifications to up to 10,000 users on multiple channels with a single API request. Twilio is a customer engagement platform that helps marketers to send personalized conversations through messaging, voice, email, and video. Twilio helps marketers to deliver better customer experiences, delight them and earn trust with every interaction.

You can segment the audience based on their interests and build personalized campaigns for each individual. In short, Twilio is the best tool that gives you an opportunity to build a strong relationship with your customers on a global scale.  

9. Appcues

Appcues Events Explorer
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Appcues is an easy-to-use and intuitive customer management tool that helps businesses to engage with their new customers and build long-lasting relationships with them. The best part of using Appcues is that it needs no technical knowledge and you can easily create and execute a customer onboarding experience. Appcues has several useful features such as,

  • Advanced behavioral targeting
  • Flow analytics
  • Audience targeting and personalization
  • Advanced user permissions
  • A/B testing
  • Customization
  • Unlimited flows

Appcues allows you to create engaging product tours and add a personal touch to the onboarding experience. With this tool, you can highlight the most important features of your products and services. The design templates and drag and drop editor make it super easy to create awesome in-app experiences.

10. SurveyMonkey

Survey Monkey Overview Page
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Conducting surveys is one of the most effective ways to collect customers’ data and understand the pain points, preferences, and interests of your target audiences. In fact, surveys are a quick way to make important tweaks to your website or mobile app and deliver a memorable UX. SurveyMonkey is a free online survey tool that can keep track of your brand, discover useful insights, and deliver a seamless customer experience.  

SurveyMonkey helps you connect with your customers and find out what your customers want from your brand, what are their needs, demand, and expectations. This tool lets you know exactly what is working for your brand and what is not and get opinions from your existing and potential customers.

There are a number of surveys you can conduct via SurveyMonkey, including:

  • Market research
  • Opinion polls
  • Concept testing
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer loyalty
  • Event surveys

If you want to understand what your target audience wants and improve customer experience, give SurveyMonkey a try. 

Key Takeaways

Brands need to carefully consider customers’ interests, habits, preferences, and needs in order to offer exceptional experiences. You can offer better customer experiences, only when you know your customers well and meet their constantly changing expectations. Experiment with the customer engagement tools we covered and figure out how these tools will create a dynamic and memorable experience for your customers.

This article’s featured image comes from Mark Chaves on Pexels.