Want to get more repeat customers for your WordPress business?

The key to keeping customers coming back is a customer loyalty program. It could be one of your competitive advantages and an important way to increase customer retention.

But the big question is, how do you get customers to sign up for it?

In this guide, you’ll find seven ways to promote a customer loyalty program and encourage participation effectively.

1. Use Website Banners and Popups

Want to make sure that every visitor to your WordPress store knows about your loyalty program?

If yes, banners and popups are a way to go. 

A website banner is one of the most versatile on-site marketing tools. You can place it almost on any page to display information. For example, adding a site-wide banner with a message about a loyalty program will help increase awareness of its perks and increase conversions.

Here’s how it looks (see the video below). You can, of course, customize the fields, colors, and position to draw attention to your message about the loyalty program.

Another type of website banner is a small, non-intrusive window. You can place them in various positions around your WordPress website and promote your loyalty program to visitors.


Grant Cardone, an American author, uses website banners to generate leads and promote his content. He places them around the website to engage as many visitors as possible.

Take a look—this banner’s contrasting color makes it stand out and catch our attention beautifully. A great idea to spread the word with website visitors!

Top Selling Ebook Cta Popup
Screen capture by the author

As someone who wants to raise awareness of a loyalty program, you can use a website banner of your liking. Get a WordPress popup builder, choose a banner template, customize colors and text, and add to your site. 

The whole thing takes less than 30 mins but can help with marketing. No coding knowledge or technical skills are needed.

And, last but least, exit-intent website popups.

Exit-intent popups appear to visitors when they’re about to leave the website. eCommerce businesses use them to maximize the reach of messages about loyalty programs, benefits, and updates.


Taylor Stitch uses this full-screen exit-intent popup to enroll more visitors into the Early Access & Rewards program. Since this popup is displayed full-screen, it will definitely convey the message to visitors.

Taylor Stitch Early Access And Rewards Program Cta
Screen capture by the author

That’s basically it—

Popups are great for sharing messages about loyalty programs with any visitor on any web page. The beauty of WordPress popups is their versatility: you can create many types of them, including video popups in case there’s a loyalty program video waiting to be released.

2. Introduce and Promote Loyalty Programs Via Emails

Have an email list of customers?

If yes, great.

Sharing the news about your loyalty program with email marketing is a good idea. Not only do emails offer a direct way to reach customers but also they allow you to add multiple links to drive traffic to your WordPress website.

So, to raise awareness of your loyalty program:

Create an email that introduces it to your email subscribers. Since it’ll be the first time they hear about it, consider focusing on its benefits and perks.


H&M, a well-known clothing company, does a good job introducing the loyalty program with email messages.

This email below, for example, talks about the advantages of “joining the club,” which is the main focus. Also, the text is to-the-point and concise—a great idea to increase the chance that customers will read it fully.

H&Amp;M Member Promo
Screen capture by the author

You can take it a step further, though.

A good idea would be to mention specific perks that your brand provides for specific achievements (a number of orders, likes on social media pages, etc.) This info would give your subscribers a better idea of what to expect from the loyalty program.

Sending a few emails that introduce loyalty programs should be enough to engage a nice share of subscribers. But the majority won’t join right away, and that’s fine.

Here’s why—

You can convince them to become loyalty program members later. One way to do that: include a small section with this info in all marketing emails.


Illy, an Italian coffee seller, mentions its Illy Lovers program this way. The brand adds a small yet prominent section (thanks to its bright red color, see below) to every email to encourage more subscribers to join.

Illy Coffee Loyalty Program
Screen capture by the author

So, to summarize:

Create a loyalty program introduction email for new email subscribers. Then, mention the program in future email marketing campaigns to grow the program membership. 

You can, of course, experiment with different versions of emails to see which version your subscribers respond to better. A/B testing can be easily done with email marketing apps, so you can create as many versions as you want.

3. Use Special Deals for Loyalty Program Members

Research says that over 90% of online businesses have at least some kind of loyalty program for their customers. So, it’s safe to say that shoppers are used to hearing about such programs quite often.

Combine that with the fact that shoppers subscribe to multiple marketing newsletters, and then your brand needs to use ways to “break through the noise.” One technique is to share exclusive, special deals for loyalty program members with everyone on your email list and all website visitors.

It’d be your way of saying: “Hey, folks, I’ve got an amazing loyalty program, much more interesting than others. Here’s why it’s better.”

The abovementioned H&M uses both website messages and emails to share these messages. For example, this email below explains several perks of becoming a member: lower prices, quicker returns, and free services.

H&Amp;M Member Fall Styles Promo
Screen capture by the author

What I also love about this email:

  • Concise text. Short copy reduces distractions and keeps customers reading the text to the end—it takes about five seconds, anyway.
  • Sense of urgency. The message says that there’s only one day left to take advantage of the member-only princess, which introduces a sense of urgency.
  • Multiple CTA buttons. The email considers two possibilities—a customer joining right away and reading more about the program. This strategy helps engage more people since a quick join might not be an option for everyone.

So, consider sharing messages about special deals for loyalty program members on marketing channels that are available to you. Besides your WordPress website, those channels could be mobile apps, emails, SMS messages, push notifications, social media messages, and more.

Speaking of SMS messages …

4. Send Customer Loyalty-Related SMS Messages

Did you know that customers redeem texted coupons up to 10 times more often than traditional coupons?

That’s right, and this means that text messages could be an amazing way to get more loyalty program members. Businesses use SMS all the time to connect with customers, so there’s no reason it wouldn’t help raise awareness of your program, too.


BRKLN Blend, a well-known NYC-based restaurant, encourages their clients to enroll in their loyalty program with SMS in this Instagram post.

Bklyn Blend Loyalty Program Via Text Campaign
Screen capture by the author

Here are ideas to promote your loyalty program with SMS:

  • Reminders to join the program: A short and sweet reminder sent once in a while is a good idea to keep customers aware of the program.
  • Member deals and promotions: Sending these perks to all text message subscribers might encourage them to learn more about the program.
  • Benefits of becoming a program member: Lower prices, more free services, you name it—texting this info to customers might get them interested in joining your “club.”

Let’s see some examples of texts businesses write to customers.

Example I:

“Join our loyalty program! Get exclusive savings and discounts up to 60%. Reply J to join.”

Example II:

“Alex! Unlock our exclusive access to new products, sales, free shipping on all purchases, and complementary products for all orders. Text J to agree.”

Example III:

“Hey, Alex! Thanks for joining our loyalty program. You have 500 points already! Shop with your points at www.shop.com”

There are a thousand more ways to get customers interested in checking out your customer loyalty program. But the point is, SMS messages are a good way to connect with shoppers directly, so consider trying this marketing channel. 

Plus, with today’s text marketing automation tools, sending hundreds of messages in just several seconds is not a problem. So promoting your program via this marketing channel will be fairly easy.

5. Use Social Media to Encourage Signups

Social media is an important marketing channel where your business’ activity influences customer loyalty. That’s why sharing program-related content there is a must. In fact, staying updated on brand news is the top reason why 47% of online shoppers follow businesses on social media.

So, consider sharing information about the perks and benefits of your loyalty program on the social media platforms you’re using. The strategy could be similar to emails: introduce the program and then keep reminding followers to join with regular promotional posts.


A.P.C. Paris, a clothing store, shared this post to announce the start of their brand new customer loyalty program.

Apc Paris Loyalty Program On Social Media
Screen capture by the author

Want to do the same?

Essential tips for effective social media promotion:

  • Focus on describing the benefits of the program for customers
  • Give specific instructions on how to join (bullet points are great for adding clarity)
  • Provide a link to the program’s page on your WordPress website

6. Write Content on Your Blog

If you’re promoting your WordPress business with content, it’s another great way to spread the word about your customer loyalty program. 

You can write a short and sweet post announcing and describing the program on your blog and help website visitors learn about it. Any related updates or news should also be announced via blog content.


Starbucks often writes customer loyalty program-related blog announcements. This one below talked about upcoming program updates and new app functionality for loyalty cardholders.

Starbucks Loyalty Program App Promo
Screen capture by the author

Blog content, in particular, is a great way to promote a loyalty program. For one, it gives you an opportunity to take a deep dive into all the details, explains frequently asked questions, and make quick announcements.

7. Give Triple Points to New Members

Not every reward should be hard to earn. To kickstart customers’ motivation to join your program, consider giving them special “welcome” bonuses.

By “special,” we mean more generous perks than usual.


Holland & Barrett, a UK health retailer, promises new customers a great start: triple points for their first purchase. If a customer spends at least £10, they receive 12 points for every £1 they spend.

Holland &Amp; Barrett Triple Points Reward
Screen capture by the author

Consider following the same strategy to encourage more program signups. Share this offer using all marketing channels available to you to achieve maximum exposure. 

A good idea to score signups would be to announce this perk during the most popular shopping days of the year (Labor Day, Halloween, Black Friday, etc.). Since many customers are planning to buy, such an offer could serve as additional motivation to join.

Customer Loyalty Program Promotion: Final Thoughts

There you go⏤seven ways to promote a customer loyalty program for a WordPress website. Regardless of the business you’re running, these tips will help you spread the word with a lot of potential members.

The featured image is from Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.