This is how ReVerb used Popup Maker to consistently generate leads.

ReVerb is an all-in-one digital marketing agency that helps businesses around the globe boost their online presence. For this, we offer our expert assistance in content development, proofing and editing, translation services, SEO, PR, and more. Since our launch in 2017, we have worked with over 800 companies.

Working on different projects allowed us to try out various marketing tools. People often ask us which strategies and tools we use to promote ReVerb. Fair enough, since it looks like a no-brainer that a digital agency will choose the most reliable and efficient approaches. 

Will they help any company? Well, not exactly, since the strategy will vary across different niches. However, there’s something we’re eager to share. If you’re focused on lead generation, read how we used popups from Popup Maker to generate leads (and keep doing so successfully).   

Why Popups?

You can use popups to serve a variety of objectives, such as engaging new audiences, getting consumer feedback, testing new markets or services, promoting discounts, and a lot of others. Whether your goal is to collect leads, reduce bounce rate, improve conversion, or increase sales, popups are a powerful medium for delivering your message.

What’s the secret? 

  • First, popups get your attention; they are dynamic, which helps attract visitors’ attention.
  • Next, you can set your popups to appear before the right customer at the right time.
  • You can include a message impacting your visitors’ emotions and add a solid call-to-action to appeal to your specific audience.
  • Finally, popups don’t require much action from the visitor’s side: they offer only two options, click or close. Uninterested visitors won’t typically find the popup annoying. They just need to click on the Close button, so you never risk being overly intrusive.

What about the results?

According to Optimonk’s research, the average popup conversion rate is 11.09%. However, when they analyzed the top-performing popups (10%), they revealed that their average conversion rate was an incredible 42.35%! Popups do a superb job in growing mailing lists, too. For example, Sumo, a popup software creator, found that their popups helped their consumers to collect 23,645,948 email addresses in less than two years.

Young Caucasian Woman On Leather Couch Working At A Laptop While Browsing Her Phone
Photo by Maxim Ilyahov on Unsplash

Our Experience of Using Popup Maker

In November 2021, our team at ReVerb unanimously decided to try out popups. Our key objectives were to generate leads and grow our mailing list by offering website visitors an eBook in exchange for their email addresses. Among multiple popup plugins out there, we chose Popup Maker as it seemed to meet our needs and requirements fully.

Why did we choose Popup Maker?

Among the things that attracted us most was the Popup Maker’s 100% customizability. Popup Maker allows you to customize every detail of the popup, choose any size (including mobile responsive popup sizes) and any color scheme, and add images and even videos. Also, we loved that Popup Maker offered unlimited page views and impressions, meaning that you pay only once and use it the whole year (who wouldn’t love it?).

Last but not least, we were excited by Popup Maker’s super accurate targeting. You can set your popups to show up on certain pages, posts, or post categories. Plus, it allows you to target visitors that have spent a specified amount of time on your website. 

And that’s not all: you can even target visitors based on the device manufacturer, operating system, screen size, and browser.

Other Popup Maker’s features you might be interested in

Over 700,000 websites trust Popup Maker, and there are many good reasons for that. Apart from the features that we’ve already mentioned, here are some other ones worth your attention.

No programming experience is needed

With Popup Maker, you don’t need to have any coding background to create popups for your site. Popup Maker has a user-friendly and intuitive interface for creating popups fast and efficiently.

Smart triggering

Popup Maker allows you to trigger your popups when you think they will likely drive results. You can opt for auto open after a specified time delay or open by clicking from any HTML element. Other options include triggering your popups when people make an attempt to leave or when they pass a specific element scrolling down the page. What is more, you can add several triggers to one popup.

Maximizing cookies 

Popup Maker features a cookie system that helps you track visitors’ interactions with popups. For instance, if you want the visitor to see your popup only once, the cookie prevents it from appearing again.

Improved WordPress experience

Popup Maker can offer you even more, namely super helpful integrated features with some of the most popular WordPress plugins if you have a WordPress website.

How we started

Popup Maker offers three plans, Start, Grow, and Optimize, each providing more advanced features than the previous one. We opted for Optimize since it enables advanced targeting, which we found extremely useful.

Popup Maker offers comprehensive guides to creating and customizing popups, so making our popup wasn’t a problem at all. Following the instructions step by step, we entered the title and the message and added an image of the eBook we intended to offer. 

We chose “Download our free eBook” for the title and added some text to encourage visitors to complete the action. There are only two fields a reader needs to fill in in our popup: name and email address. After clicking the CTA button (Get my eBook), a new tab with the eBook opens where the reader can download the book as a PDF.

Then, with the help of a cookie, we set our popup to open only when the visitor gets on our website for the first time. Finally, we set up targeting conditions, adjusted display settings, and published our popup. Here is how it looks:

Screen Capture Of Reverb'S Download Our Free Ebook Popup Made With Popup Maker
Screen capture by the author

As you see, Popup Maker allows you to create popups that perfectly match the site’s design.

What happened next

We received the first email address just a few hours after the popup was published (WOW!). Thanks to the Popup Maker, we’ve already generated over 100 website leads and greatly expanded our mailing list for newsletters. We value this a lot since we’re convinced that emails are a powerful marketing tool. 

If people agree to download our eBook and join our email list, they are interested in what we offer. We get higher chances to convert our readers into paying customers by crafting informative and engaging newsletters.

PRO marketing tips from ReVerb

Based on our positive experience of using Popup Maker, we’re eager to give you some tips on creating a lead-winning popup.

#1 Define your goal

Before kicking off your awesome popup, make sure you clearly define the goal you want to achieve with its help. This goal should reflect your key marketing objectives and be based on your business needs.

#2 Offer an incentive that creates value

It’s best to offer something that can help readers solve a problem. For example, we share a guide that is likely to be relevant to our potential customers. 

#3 Elaborate on your popup’s design

Your popup needs to compliment your website and stand out simultaneously to grab your visitors’ attention. Choose colors and fonts to make them resonate with the style of your site—leverage whitespace to balance the elements and enhance the visual experience. We used our website’s color scheme for the CTA and Close buttons but included a contrasting image of our eBook’s red cover. 

#4 Craft a convincing copy

Use power words to encourage people to take action, focusing on the problem your offer can solve.

#5 Add a strong CTA

Your call-to-action should be short and precise. Ideally, use 2 to 5 words. Include an imperative verb (we used get) and words that help build an emotional connection with people (my and now in our case).

#6 Use as few input fields as possible

You don’t want to sound intrusive, right? Name and email fields should suffice if your goal is to drive leads and expand your mailing list. You can always follow up via email and ask for more information.

#7 Include original visuals

Keep in mind that stock images can compromise credibility, while original visuals make your brand look more authentic and trustworthy.

#8 Be mobile-friendly

Make sure you modify your popup to look great on mobile devices, too.

Are We Satisfied With the Results?

Yes! First, Popup Maker helped us create our popup fast and easily customize it to our needs. Secondly, it really works, bringing us leads and nurturing our mailing list. 

Using Popup Maker was a straightforward and rewarding experience for our team. By creating an engaging popup that offers valuable content in return for the visitors’ email addresses, we managed to generate over 100 qualified leads. Explore Popup Maker’s features and plans, and join their whopping 700,000+ customers.

This article’s featured image comes from Yan Krukov on Pexels.