Scroll Triggered Popups

Engage your users with popups as they scroll. Accurately trigger popups when the user gets to a specific point on the page.

Keep users engaged with Scroll Triggered Popups

A Scroll Triggered Popup is another opportunity for the user to continue browsing, buying, commenting, interacting, and more, on your website. Except unlike tradition footers, widgets, and sidebars, Scroll Triggered Popups gives you the ability to market specific material to specific users when they scroll down to a certain point on the page, and you can tailor that point to meet your exact needs.


  • Multiple Triggers – Distance ( PX, %, EM, REM ), Shortcode, or Custom Selectors letting you choose any element on the page to trigger the popup when scrolled on screen.
  • Close When Scrolling Up (optional) – Set your popup to close as the user scrolls back up. Allowing you to show related information near the end of an article or page.
  • Add Any Content – Add shortcodes for related posts plugins, newsletter sign up forms or advertisements related to the current page/post.
  • Customizable Cookie Settings – Set up cookies to prevent it from showing again to prevent your users from getting annoyed.
  • All the Power of Popup Maker – Complete control over targeting, positioning, size, animations & styling with the core Popup Maker plugin. This extension builds on top of this already powerful plugin.

Use the Theme Builder and WYSIWIG Content Editor features to create powerful Scroll Triggered Popups that get your content in front of your users at the right time.

This extension’s ability can be further enhances with our Advanced Targeting Conditions Extension to target users with very specific content, increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

Or you can target broad user sets, it’s all up to you with 100% customizable content and targeting features!

Possible Use Cases:

  • Display related content when the user reaches the end of your articles. Sites like and use this technique to keep readers engaged for long periods of time.
  • Show a discreet sign up form for your newsletter in the bottom right corner.
  • Display a call to action or purchase prompt when the user reaches the bottom of your landing page or sales pitch.
  • Show a contact bar across the bottom of the screen with multiple methods of contact such as a button for contact form, phone number & email address.

Scroll Triggered Popups Also Known As: scroll box, slide out, slide box, scroll pops, scroll popups.

Scroll Triggered Popups


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Minimum Requirements

WordPress  3.6.0
PM  1.7.29
PHP  5.2.4
Current version: v1.3.2