Naturally, running an effective popup campaign is paramount, but making sure we’re running efficiently and worry-free is an absolute must. If you’re not approaching your popup campaign with the right mentality, you may end up asking yourself why you ever spent time with it in the first place.

We’ve been there, and we understand the frustration that brings, and that’s why we’ve created this list of four must-haves to make sure your popup campaign runs smooth and hassle free.

#1 Pre-Launch: Specific Goals

Popup Campaign Goals

To get the most out of Popup Maker, you should ultimately be running multiple popup campaigns. That said, each campaign should have it’s own unique set of goals – think of each popup as it’s own isolated conversion factory.

For example, you may have a campaign on a sales page designed to capture more direct sales.

Or, you may have a site wide popup that is designed to get more email subscribers.

Or, maybe the campaign is used to deliver a specific ad on a specific page to generate revenue.

Every campaign is different and has it’s own unique set of goals, and the first step you should be taking in the creation of your campaign is understanding your goals for the popup.Understanding your popups’ goals will allow you to easily make decisions down the road without any worrying or second guessing.

#2 Pre-Launch: Automation

Automate Your Popup Campaigns!

Whatever your popup campaign has set out to do, it should be able to do it with automation. Having anything but automated systems to carry out e-mails, discounts, subscriptions, and others is only going to waste time and money.

For example, if a user signs up for our newsletter:

  1. They are automatically added to our subscription base and a specific list at our discretion.
  2. They automatically get a double opt-in email
  3. They automatically receive a welcome e-mail. Using our MailChimp Extension, we were able to set us this type of automation in about 10 minutes.

Automation, without a doubt, will be one of your biggest time savers and best investments. This feature of your popup campaign should be a priority.

#3 Pre-Launch: Cookies

Create Cookies For Your Campaigns

Cookies don’t seem like a big deal – heck, you might not even be sure what they are – and that’s okay. However, what we need to understand about cookies is that they are what prevent our popups from becoming spammy and annoying.

If our popups are just too frequent and annoying to the point of frustration, we’ll start losing users altogether. And who can blame them? We would all do the same thing – this is why it’s important we not only set our cookies up properly, but also test them thoroughly so we’re absolutely sure they are working as intended.

Cookies are necessary for most popups with Time Delay Triggers, and not necessary at all for most popups with Click Open Triggers. However, setting up cookies, if you need them, allows you to be guilt free without having to worry about if your popups are hindering the user experience.

#4 Post Launch: Stats

Use Popup Stats For Success!

Use statistics to validate or dismiss changes you’ve made to your popup. We always try to make the perfect popup the first time, but it doesn’t always work out that way, and when it doesn’t, we rely on statistics to pick up the slack.

Conversion Statistics

Ideally, you would like to know your conversion percentage. As such, you’ll need to need to know how many times your popup was opened, divided by how many conversion you received – this will net you your conversion percentage. Our analytics extension makes getting your opened number easy.

So What’s Good?

Popups convert, on average, two to four percent, but with good popup essentials, you could hit as high as ten percent!

Popup Change Log

Knowing your statistics is only one facet of making successful popups, acting on them is another facet altogether.

To know how your changes are affecting your conversion percentage, plus whether to adopt your changes or dismiss them, use Popup Analytics and your number of conversions combined with a change log. You’ll be able to interpret that information and determine how your changes affected your performance.

Having this knowledge gives you the power and control you need to make your popup conversions skyrocket – and do it hassle free!