Secure Idle User Logout


Use this extension to securely log users out once they have entered an idle state. Display a warning and automatically logout if they don't respond.

Use this extension to securely log users out once they have entered an idle state.

Setup in Minutes

With this extension, you can set the timer to log users out specifically to meet your needs. Once idle users are logged out, a popup will automatically display. You can customize this popup with any content to fit your needs using Popup Maker’s WYSIWIG Content Editor. Plus, use the Theme Builder to match the looks of the popup perfectly to your website.

Prompting users to log in again, displaying a special logged out message, adding forwarding links, or adding extra content are just a few of the ideas you may opt for, but again, you can customize your popup content 100% to fit your needs.

When dealing with sensitive data, accounts, pages, and users, security is of the utmost importance. In some situations, it’s imperative users be logged out once entering an idle state (banking websites for example.) Popup Maker’s Secure Idle User Logout Extension handles any of these scenarios with grace and elegance.

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Extension Details

Version: v1.0.2

Last updated: 05/25/2015


Minimum WP Version: 

Minimum PHP Version:  5.2.4

Minimum Core Plugin Version:  1.4

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