Terms & Conditions Popups


Require users to agree to your terms & conditions before viewing pages, clicking buttons & more. Great for forcing agreement prior to clicking add to cart.

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  • Last Updated 2017-08-15
  • Current Version v1.0.5
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Set up Terms & Conditions popups in minutes.

Many websites such as investment firms, banks and ecommerce often require users to agree to their terms & conditions. This extension coupled with Popup Maker allows you to quickly set up a terms and conditions agreement popup in no time.


  • Force user to agree to view pages or click links & buttons.
  • Force user to scroll to the bottom of the terms & conditions box. (optional)
  • Choose from multiple styles for the agree checkbox.
  • Customize the terms, agree text, forced read notice & more.
  • Customizable cookie settings to prevent the user from being nagged too often.

Use Cases:

  • Force users to agree to sites terms before use, such as social networking sites.
  • Force agreement before adding an item to cart in an ecommerce site.
  • Force user to agree before being allowed to register or login.
  • Set long term cookies and easily notify users that terms have changed using cookie key resets.