Terms & Conditions Popups


Require users to agree to your terms & conditions before viewing pages, submitting forms, adding items to cart & more.

Require users to agree to your terms.

Terms & Conditions Popups allow you to force your users to agree to your terms before they can complete various actions. Accomplish this in just a few minutes for most situations.

  • Add multiple term boxes to a single popup and require they agree to them all.
  • The Force Agreement trigger blocks pages until they agree to all terms you set.
  • The all-new Click Block trigger prevents users from clicking a button, link or another element until they agree to your terms.
  • Automatically click the element that was blocked after they agree to click block terms, for a fluid user experience (UX).
  • Force your users read the entire terms before agreeing to them by making them scroll to the bottom of the terms & conditions box before the checkbox is activated.
  • Multiple checkbox style options to choose from.
  • Customize the terms, agree text, forced read notice easily for each term box.
  • Set a cookie when users agree to all the terms in a popup preventing them from seeing it for a specified time.

Common Use Cases:

  • EU Cookie Notices
  • GDPR Notices
  • Force users to agree to sites terms before use, such as social networking sites.
  • Force agreement before adding an item to cart in an e-commerce site.
  • Force user to agree before being allowed to register or login.
  • Notify users that terms have changed using cookie key reset.


Extension Details

Version: v1.1.2

Last updated: 08/24/2018

Documentation: View Documentation


Minimum WP Version:  3.6.0

Minimum PHP Version:  5.2.4

Minimum Core Plugin Version:  1.7.29

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