5 Key Extensions to Help Supercharge Your Popups

As a way to seamlessly integrate popups into your website, the Popup Maker plugin has a lot to offer. While there’s plenty of flexibility built into the core plugin, there are also many extensions you can use to supercharge your popups.

For example, you can track your popups’ performance, target your audience with conditions, and much more. The whole collection (which can be purchased through our Core Bundle) can help you to drive user engagement, attract new traffic, and even track the habits of your site’s visitors.

In this article, we’ll discuss why you may want to consider using extensions alongside Popup Maker. Then, we’ll introduce you to five extensions offered by the plugin and explain their key features. Let’s get started!

Why Popup Maker Extensions Can Help to Supercharge Your Popups

After you’ve installed and activated the Popup Maker plugin on your WordPress site and become acquainted with its many features, you can look to expand the base functionality on offer. While Popup Maker certainly provides plenty out of the box, its array of extensions further enable you to customize the plugin to your exact needs. For example, you can:

  • Expand the core functionality. While the base plugin often gets the job done, extensions enable you to expand upon what functionality you already have. This includes improved targeting and better engagement.
  • Fully control the management of your popups. You don’t have to rely on the plugin’s developers implementing a particular desired feature. Instead, you can take the lead and customize your popups to your exact needs.
  • Improve visitor engagement. You know your website’s audience better than anyone else, which is why we’ve developed extensions that enable you to better engage your visitors in a manner specific to them.
  • Increase conversions. Whether you’re an individual marketer or a marketing agency, conversions matter. Time and time again, popups have been proven to increase conversions. That’s why we believe it’s important to focus on popups and utilize the available extensions to their fullest.

What’s more, installing Popup Maker extensions is simple. However, you may be unsure which extensions to begin using and what they offer. Let’s take a look at five of the most powerful extensions and what they can do.

5 Key Extensions to Help Supercharge Your Popups

Popup Maker has quite a few extensions to choose from, all of which offer additional functionality to the core plugin. Of course, they can all be found within the Core Bundle – a cost-effective way to ensure you never miss out on additional Popup Maker functionality.

1. Popup Analytics

Popup Maker's Popup Analytics extension

Do you know how well your popups are performing? If you aren’t tracking any statistics, you’re most likely out of the loop. This is where Popup Analytics comes in. It enables you to see how your visitors interact with your popups.

This extension tracks user clicks, form submissions, and even custom event triggers. You can use this to stay on top of your popup’s performance – with the help of minute-by-minute stats information – and tweak your popups until they’re meeting your needs.

Depending on the number of licences you require (one, up to five, or up to 20), the price of this extension is anywhere from $45 to $105.

2. Advanced Targeting Conditions

Popup Maker's Advanced Targeting Conditions extension

Popups are a great way to connect with your audience, but they only work well when targeting the right visitors. That’s exactly what Advanced Targeting Conditions does – it helps you to target specific visitors with your popups.

There are many conditions that determine how visitors interact with your website. These include the browser they’re using, whether they’re on mobile or desktop, and so much more. Advanced Targeting Conditions takes this into account and offers popups designed with these conditions in mind. This is especially helpful if your site targets multiple demographics, as you you can improve the experience for everyone!

For a single site license, the cost is $45. Along with premium plugin and extension support, this also includes one full year of updates.

3. MailChimp Integration

Popup Maker's MailChimp Integration extension

No matter what niche you’re in (and your overall goals), a mailing list is your most important asset. With the MailChimp Integration (as well as similar integrations with Aweber, MailPoet, GetResponse, and others), collecting those all-important emails has never been easier! Attaching your MailChimp account is simple, and you can begin adding a signup form to your popups in no time. Even better, you can customize each message to your exact requirements.

The extension license begins at $25 (for a single site), and includes one year of support and updates. If you set up auto renew, you’ll also receive 30% off your next yearly license cost.

4. Exit Intent Popups

Popup Maker's Exit Intent extensions

You’re at the greatest risk of losing a conversion – whether that’s either a sale or a newsletter signup – when the visitor is ready to leave your site. Exit Intent Popups gives you a second chance at converting your visitors.

This extension works by detecting when visitors are about to leave your site (for example, when the user’s mouse pointer heads towards the Close button), then displaying a popup offering one last opportunity for interaction (such as a discount code, or email signup form). You can also integrate the extension with Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and Contact Form 7.

The cost of this extension ranges from $35 to $85, depending on the number of sites you’ll be using it on. However, the price will be more than covered as you could see your conversions increase by up to 700%!

5. WordPress Video Popups

Popup Maker's WordPress Video Popups extension

Whether you’ve got a product to sell, or you’d just like to connect with your visitors on a more personal level, the WordPress Video Popups extension is what you’re looking for.

Just as it sounds, this extension enables you to add videos to your popups (all you have to do is copy and paste the video URL). You can choose how the video displays (such as whether it autoplays, or requires a click from the user), and you can even integrate the extension with the Triggers,  Conditions, and Cookies features of Popup Maker.

The cost of WordPress Video Popups ranges from $35 to $85, and comes with one year of updates and premium support.


For marketers and website owners – essentially, any professional who utilizes popups – the use of extensions to enhance your popup’s functionality makes perfect sense. After all, they can provide you with complete control over your popups, and enable you to interact with your site’s visitors on a deeper level.

In this post, we’ve discussed the benefits that extensions provide. In addition, we’ve outlined five Popup Maker extensions you can use to supercharge your popups. They include:

  1. Popup Analytics: This gives you insight into visitor interactions and popup performance.
  2. Advanced Targeting Conditions: An extension that makes it easy to target your visitors and give them what they need.
  3. MailChimp Integration: This enables you to add email signup forms to any popup, practically anywhere on your site.
  4. Exit Intent Popups: An extension enabling you to target visitors before they leave your site.
  5. WordPress Video Popups: This seamlessly incorporates videos into your popups for added personalization.

Do you have any questions about how to use extensions with the Popup Maker plugin? Let us know in the comments section below!

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